How to do Stuff, Non-Fighty Stuff

To accomplish any task, the following steps are done:

  • Decide which Attribute applies (if any). This is not always obvious or consistent, many combinations are possible, but every task has an attribute.
  • Decide which Skill applies (if any), General or Specialty. Not all tasks require a skill.
  • Decide which Traits apply (if any), good or bad.
  • The GM determines the difficulty rating of the task (often not telling the player)
  • Gather all the above dice and roll them
  • If the rolled number meets-or-exceeds the difficulty rating, the task was successful. If not, it fails.
  • An extraordinary success is the target difficulty + 7.
    **A botch is when all dice rolled come up 1.

Action Difficulty     Rating
          Easy                         3
          Average                  7
          Hard                      11
          Formidable          15
          Heroic                   19
          Incredible            23
          Ridiculous           27
          Impossible           31

Complex actions are things that take longer than 1 time frame, such as overhauling an engine or building something complex. The difficulty rating is 5x the difficulty rating of a standard action, the character rolls the dice multiple times and adds them up, each roll representing a block of time, until the difficulty is reached. A botch does not represent a failure, but it raises the difficulty by one step, making it that much harder. Each botch raises the difficulty another step.

An example is overhauling an engine. The GM determines that it is Hard, and Complex, making the rating 55 (5 × 11). The Engineer then starts rolling, and the GM determines that each roll represents an hour’s work. If it takes 5 rolls to reach 55, then it takes 5 hours to complete the task. A single botch would raise the difficulty rating to Formidable and 75.

Life Points = Vitality + Willpower totaled together
Initiative = Agility + Alertness
Endurance = Vitality + Willpower
Resistance = Vitality + Vitality
Memorize = Intelligence + Alertness
Recall = Intelligence + Willpower
Reflex = Agility + Alertness
Long Haul Strength Check = Strength + Vitality
Burst of Strength = Strength + Strength

How to do Stuff, Non-Fighty Stuff

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