How to use Plot Points

Plot Points (PP) are a mechanic the players use to influence the story and change their character. About Plot Points:

  • Receive 6 Plot Points at the beginning of the campaign.
  • Have up to 12 Plot Points in your pool at any time. Cannot earn more once maxed.
  • You can burn Plot Points to add a die to a roll in order to give a better chance at success. The more points spent, the higher the die added (the d value is 2x the plot points spent). The value of the PP die rolled can never be less than the number of PP spent to get the roll. For example, if you spend 6 PP to get a d12 added to your roll, then if the die comes up 1-5, you ignore it and consider it a 6. However, if you botch the roll (including the PP die), but ignoring the 1 and raising it to the minimum value would be a success, it’s a “twisted” success, you accomplished the goal, but failed in another way, complicating things.
  • You can burn Plot Points to add to a roll after the roll is complete to turn a failure into a success, with each PP spent adding 1 to the roll.
  • You can spend PP to reduce damage done to you. After learning the total damage done to you, you may spend PP to roll a die and subtract the result from the damage, first negating wounds, then stun.
  • If the GM calls upon a Complication of yours that impacts your character, he gives you a Plot Point.
  • Doing something unusual or spectacular to forward the story or plot, or doing something extraordinarily well, can earn you Plot Points.
  • You may spend points on someone else’s behalf and multiple people can spend points on a single task.

    Points Spent and the Bonus Die

Plot Points & Die Type
1 = d2
2 = d4
3 = d6
4 = d8
5 = d10
6 = d12
7 = d12 + d2
8 = d12 + d4
9 = d12 + d6
10 = d12 + d8
11 = d12 + d10
12 = d12 + d12

Additionally, Plot Points can be spent to influence the story, with the GM’s discretion. Examples of points spent and the type of influence are below:

Cost & Impact
Inconsequential: “The bartender is a former Independent. I’m sure he won’t mind a fellow Browncoat running up a large tab.”

Minor: “I completely forgot I’d hid that hundred credit note in my boot!”

Significant: “Rosco! Ain’t seen you since the reunion back on Shadow. So you’re a Federal Marshall, now. How ya been, old buddy?”

Major: “We’ve been drifting through the black without power for nigh onto two days. Amazing that your ship just happened by this outta the way spot!”

How to use Plot Points

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