Character Creation

Congratulations! You’ve earned/bargained/conned your way in to a job at the powerful far-reaching Blue Sun corporation. You’ll be set for life, no need to scrimp and scrounge to make ends meet, so long as you keep your nose down and don’t upset the powers that be.

You will be starting as Veteran’s, that gives you:

Attribute Points 48 (to be spent on Attributes ONLY)
Traits Spend 8 additional Attribute points on Assets, 4 on Complications. Purchase any extra Assets by taking extra Complications.
Skill Points 68
Gear 1,500 Credits, No Illegal items (unless it really really makes sense for you to have it per backstory, GM approval needed)

Extras AP will be awarded for Backstory and Character picture.

Advancement No banking Plot Points to use as AP. Also, we will be using the Supernatural advancement rules:

  • 16 AP to up an Attribute 1 step
  • 14 AP to up a Trait 1 step
  • 6 AP to up a Skill 1 step

Character Creation

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