Urist "Meat" Metrice

Brash Pilot


Defining Aspect: “Meet The Pilot”

Other Character Aspects

  • Soft Spot For The Ladies
  • I Can Land This Anywhere
  • Raised In A Boros Scrapheap
  • Gotta Keep Flying
Physical Mental Social
Agility 3 Craft 1 Deception 1
Endurance 2 Knowledge 3 Empathy 2
Perception 3 Reasoning 3 Persuasion 2
Strength 1 Willpower 2 Resources 1

Specialty Aspects

  • Thread The Needle (Agility)
  • I Can’t Find My Land Legs (Agility)
  • He Taught Me Well (Agility)
  • I Hate Toh-fu (Persuasion)
  • Unified Reclamation Salvage License (Resources)


  • Deploy Smooth Jazz: +2 bonus to persuasion to calm others.
  • Direction Sense: +2 bonus to navigation rolls.
  • Fly Boy: +2 bonus to pilot rolls.
  • Flight Suit
  • Cutting Laser
  • Voucher for 1 Unit of Fuel.
  • One Unit High Quality Food/Treats.
  • One Unit of Ammo marked for To Fu.
  • Light Pistol.

XP 7
Refresh 5



Frank Johnson – Childhood friend who is in the Alliance Military.
Mentor – Amazing pilot and Meat’s first captain, taught Meat how to fly before retiring to Westfall.
Estranged Family: Bad blood between Meat and his family when meat refused to take over the family business.


Chun Li: Companion whose life Urist saved.
Loaf: Owns a Tavern.
Leaky: She works as a mechanic for Unified Reclamation


Toh-fu: Pilot of the Desmond.
Crime Lord: Has it out for Meat after Meat had ‘un-gentlemanly’ contact with his daughter.
Major Rival: Competing Since Childhood, destroyed last salvage-ship causing him to join the Crew of the Qiu Yu

Urist "Meat" Metrice

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