Jupiter Gunn

Captain Eyepatch


Defining Aspect: Captain Eyepatch

Other Character Aspects

  • Hyacinth Kill Order
  • Stand Fast For Friends
  • Best Squad Leader They Had
  • Contacts Across The Verse


Physical Mental Social
Agility 2 Craft 1 Deception 2
Endurance 2 Knowledge 2 Empathy 2
Perception 2 Reasoning 2 Persuasion 2
Strength 2 Willpower 3 Resources 2

Specialty Aspects

  • Money For The Ship First (Resources)
  • Folk Need Leaders (Persuasion)
  • Eyepatch Supercomputer (Resources)
  • Combat Was My Business (Knowledge)
  • Battle-tested And Rifle-ready (Agility)


  • Alertness: +2 to any roll to detect or avoid an ambush.
  • Grace Under Fire: +2 to initiative rolls.
  • Hard Style: +2 Weapon Damage to unarmed attacks.
  • Weapon Specialist (Assault Rifle): +1 to attack rolls with Assault Rifles.
  • Eye P.A.T.C.H.
  • Assault Rifle
  • Jungle Survival Kit
  • Machete
  • 4 Units of Sidearm Ammo

XP ??
Refresh 4.5

Assets/Complications Expanded:
Mighty Fine Hat (d4) Jupiter has worn the patch over his left eye in public for years now. Only time as someone has seen him without it has always been in the ship, and more often than not only in his quarters. Any number of folk have had designs on making his eye patch their own, but none have ever gotten more than a sniff of it.
Military Rank (d4) While Jupiter wasn’t in the military per se, his life was none too easy on Greenleaf. Contracted out by Hyacinth Pharmaceuticals, Jupiter was on one of the teams sent into the jungles of the world to hunt down and put end to the illicit drug runners preying on Hyacinth’s territory. Jupiter rose from little more than a body with a gun to a squad leader respected for his ability to get teams into and out of the jungle whole. That kind of training doesn’t go away.
Nose for Trouble (d4) Jupiter’s reputation for getting squads in and out of tight spots was one he earned. Years in the jungle gave him a sort of sixth sense, be it an itch between the shoulders, a nose for the scent of anticipation, or just plain ol’ good understanding of the best places to plant an ambush. He tends to know when bad is inbound, and is usually ready to respond.
Credo (d4) Jupiter has been on both sides of the law in his life. To him, the most important things in life are loyalty to friends, honoring your word, and speaking on behalf of the rights of others.
Loyal (d4) Jupiter is intensely loyal to his family, friends, and even many of those who he works with. Things get a might hard when two of these groups are pit against one another, as they were on Greenleaf. But ultimately, Jupiter makes a choice and sticks with it.
Deadly enemy (d8) When Jupiter blew out of Greenleaf, he earned himself more than a few enemies. Hyacinth Pharmaceuticals is first among them, having put a kill order out on a man who knows their tactics in the jungles (many of them which would appall the average citizenry if they found out), stole their tech, incited a valuable soldier to defect, and helped a group of drug smugglers escape. The Alliance has been all to happy to endorse Hyacinth’s call, though they’ve spent far less time trying to track Jupiter.
Greenleaf – The world has a large tropical belt, creating massive jungles and rainforests. Tropical plants provide a variety of life-saving drugs that cannot easily be synthesized in a laboratory. Major drug companies set up shop on Greenleaf, providing the bulk of work for the locals.
Some of Greenleaf ’s residents, seeing the enormous profits that were being made, began to
make “clippings” of pharmaceutical plants and grow them privately to sell on black market. The
problem became so great that the drug companies began engineering new plant strains with traceable genetic tags, so that confiscated merchandise could be traced back to the origin point. The technique has not yet led to any major arrests, mostly because there are dozens of small cartels, and they are difficult to track down in the jungle.
The Alliance is aware of the drug-smuggling problem out of Greenleaf, and they are clamping
down on enforcement. Landing is more restricted on Greenleaf than on other Rim worlds, though
smugglers who know the jungle can always find ways to sneak through.
Supporting Characters:
Amnesty Munroe (Medical Mentor) Amnesty was the daughter of a friend of Jupiter’s mother when both were kids. While she was always too old to be considered a close friend of Jupiter’s, they always maintained a positive relationship. She tried to get Jupiter a job working in one of the hospitals on Greenleaf, but her introduction ended up being the thing that brought Jupiter to Hyacinth’s attention. Jupiter still cares for her like a sister and misses their friendship. Cast: Julienne Irons http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1902165/
Glenn Barnett (Trainee) One squad member of Jupiter’s team, Barnett was sent to Jupiter to be trained. Hyacinth hoped to create more team leaders like Jupiter, able to sniff out trouble in the jungle and loyal to their work. The two men had a sibling-like relationship while in the jungle, but remained businesslike when back in civilization, as Hyacinth often took close fraternization between team leaders as a sign that teams needed to be broken up. When Jupiter was caught allowing drug runners to escape, Barnett was cleared of any knowledge of the act, and he remained on Greenleaf. He’s Jupiter’s key contact on the planet. Cast: Mark Salling http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0758597/
Shamash “Sam” Gunn (Uncle) Sam Gunn was always more of an inspiration to Jupiter than Jupiter’s father, Charles. Shamash had traveled the Black, been a terraformer and doctor on the rim, and had always preached the value of family, community, and loyalty. While his relationship with Charles (and Jupiter’s with Charles) was always positive, uncle and nephew were much more cut from the same cloth than brothers or father and son. Shamash continues his travels, with the only major interruption in them being during the U-War. Cast: Keith David http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0202966/
A. T. Rickman (Pharma Liaison) Mr. Rickman was Jupiter’s contact with Hyacinth. While Rickman wasn’t ever a member of the squads in the jungle, he oversaw that part of Hyacinth’s security division. He was also the individual who sent a spy camera to follow Jupiter into the jungle, and accused and convicted him of aiding drug runners. He is the main force behind the kill order out on Jupiter. Cast: Richard Speight http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0817620/
Hyacinth Pharmaceuticals (Former Employer) One of the major drug corporations on Greenleaf, Hyacinth is one of the key forces behind the squads sent into the jungles to hunt down drug runners.
Edison Conway See: Edison Conway; Edison and Jupiter met on Persephone while Jupiter was considering a job offer from the owner of a ship called The Red Card. Edison convinced Jupiter that the owner of the ship, Cao Ju, was not the kind of person Jupiter would want to work for. The two exchange some correspondence now and again, sharing stories of daring raids, average work, and winning hands.
Jupiter’s key secret is that he stole his eye patch. That fact is known to Miles and likely suspected by the Financier. He has a smaller secret in that he spent the final two months of his employment on Greenleaf, he knowingly allowed drug runners to escape.
|Born on Greenleaf, away from the Jungles, nearer the medical facilities.

Fake eye patch, hides wave device.

Named for the god, not the planet.

Never was rich, but was never as poor as some out on the rim.

Didn’t have an opinion on Independence, was focused on his home.|

His name was Jupiter Gunn. Sometimes new recruits forgot that, called him Gunny, thinking it was a rank. Sometimes they tried to bribe the other members of the squad into revealing his “real name.” Usually they learned their lesson when the rest of the team laughed at them, but sometimes they kept on believing it until Jupiter had to break it to them that they were making asses of themselves. He didn’t think of himself as a hard-ass, didn’t think rookies needed to be broken to be effective. But names were important. He’d learned that in the jungle, where you could watch men, and women, die quick and brutal. Not knowing someone’s name as they met dirt was a sin, to Jupiter.

So when Mr. Rickman, Jupiter’s boss for all intents and purposes, called the trainee into the room, Jupiter was quick to offer a hand to the young man. He’d be all business in a moment, but he wanted to fix the new kid’s name in his mind.

“Glenn Barnett,” said Rickman, “meet your new father, mother, and big brother, Jupiter Gunn. You’ll follow his every move, listen to his every word, learn his every technique. You’ll be so far up his butt, people will think you’re his legs.”

Jupiter shot Rickman a look. For a suit, the man had a nasty sense of humor. Rickman ignored the look and continued. “You’re going to lead a unit by the time you’re done training, and we’re placing you with one of our best to get you ready.”

Barnett looked at Jupiter, now that Rickman had stopped talking. He smoothed his hands over the curly mohawk atop his head while eyeing the elder man. Jupiter watched Barnett take in the squad leader’s Earth-That-Was African-American heritage and knew the newbie’s gaze was lingering on the patch Jupiter wore over his left eye.

Rickman cut in. “He’s got both, if you’re wondering. What you’re seeing is top of the line. One per squad leader. Lets the company check up on you, but also lets us send you all the information you’ll need in the field, so long as you get signal. It’s rare you’d ever be out of it. Get too deep in and we can even send a drone overhead, broadcasting, which’ll still get the info to you. You know the company’s slogan; We’re always just around the corner.”

Jupiter nodded to the statement. He knew that for most in the ‘Verse, it meant that Hyacinth was always near, ready to step in with a medical discovery or much needed prescription. For the squaddies, it meant the company was always near with information. He’d heard the jungle drug runners use it a different way, though. For them, it meant Hyacinth was always coming, always hunting, always ready to shut them down. Violently, if need be. Once he’d thought that was the right thing. Now he wasn’t so sure. Not that he’d be dumb enough to tell Rickman that.

Finally, Jupiter spoke up. “Welcome to the team, Barnett. Mr. Rickman’s right. You’re gonna be a team leader, so your job is to watch and learn. But that don’t mean you’ll have it easy. You’ll do double duty. Watch and learn and soldier on like any other. You can’t keep up, you’re not a squad leader. Understand?”

“Yes, sir,” barked Barnett.

Jupiter glanced at Rickman, who smiled toothily. “See? Broken already, Squad Leader.”

Jupiter shook his head. “C’mon, kid, let’s get you acquainted.”

Jupiter Gunn

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