Ivan Koslav

Onery Russian Mechanic


Defining Aspect: Greedy Mechanic

Other Character Aspects

  • When In Doubt Bang It
  • My Bad Reputation Seems To Follow Me
  • Can’t Screw A Screwer
  • Have You Seen My Monkey?
Physical Mental Social
Agility 2 Craft 3 Deception 3
Endurance 2 Knowledge 2 Empathy 2
Perception 2 Reasoning 2 Persuasion 2
Strength 2 Willpower 1 Resources 1

Specialty Aspects

  • Sleep Is For Little Girls (Endurance)
  • If It’s Broke I Can Fix it (Crafts)
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Improve it! (Crafts)
  • I Owe People (Resources)
  • Gives All For My Family (Resources)


  • Well-Known: +2 to Persuasion the first time you mention your name to someone who knows your reputation.
  • Engineer: +2 to craft rolls, or rolls to make assessments based on your field of expertise.
  • Gear Head: +2 on craft rolls to repair or modify vehicles.
  • My Monkey Mishka
  • Masterwork Engineering Tools
  • Monkey Food
  • Light Pistol
  • Heavy Pistol
  • Ammo x1 for Light Pistol.
  • Booze x1
  • Machete
  • Ballistic Mesh
  • Rewards: 2 (Pearl necklace. $100)

XP 7
Refresh 5



Olga Koslav: Ivan’s wife back home on Persephone whom he sends money.
Dante: Drinking Buddy back home on Persephone.
Babushka: Ivan’s Grandmother.


Anne: Captain of the Desmond.
Vince: Middle-man.
Jaque: Ship Parts “dealer.”


Bart Kovek: Former Captain whom he left stranded with a dismantled Engine after being shorted on a payout.
Badger: Small-time Crime Boss on Persephone whom he owes money.
Vlad: Russian Mercenary and Hitman also called “The Ape.”

Ivan Koslav

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