Amelia Sheppard

Exiled Doctor


Defining Aspect: Exiled Doctor

Other Character Aspects

  • Browncoat Parents
  • Hypocratic Oath
  • From the Core
  • Everyone Deserves A Chance
Physical Mental Social
Agility 2 Craft 2 Deception 1
Endurance 2 Knowledge 3 Empathy 3
Perception 2 Reasoning 2 Persuasion 2
Strength 1 Willpower 2 Resources 2

Specialty Aspects

  • Quick On My Feet (Agility)
  • Med School Graduate (Knowledge)
  • medical Tunnel Vision (Willpower)
  • Happy Go Lucky (Empathy)
  • Trust Me, I’m A Doctor (Persuasion)


  • Licensed Doctor: +2 to medicine (knowledge) rolls, +1 to make relevant declarations.
  • Disarming Smile: +2 on your first persuasion roll to get people to trust you.
  • Field Medic: Reduce penalties suffered to perform medical rolls without proper tools by 2.
  • Medical Practitioner’s License
  • Professional Data Library
  • Dad’s Lucky Pistol
  • 2 units of Ammo
  • Fancy Dress Clothes
  • Reliable Radio x3
  • Fully Stocked Med Bag

XP 7
Refresh 5



Twin Sister
Roommate from Medical School
Family on Belleraphon


Medical school Professor
Cousin on Ariel
Head of Hospital on Osiris


Powerful Family on Belleraphon
Simon Tam
Ex Boyfriend

Amelia Sheppard

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